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My journey in clay... I first touched clay as a child and that experience whispered to me throughout my adult life. I always allowed life to get in the way and it wasn’t until my late 40’s that I really listened. I took my first pottery class and what a life-changing experience that was! For years I tried to balance my career and pottery until ten years ago when I began a journey in clay. I sold most of my possessions and traveled the states to pursue my dream of being a potter. Six years ago a cross country trip landed me in Asheville, North Carolina where I currently live and work in clay. It's been an exciting adventure that continues to unfold in wonderful and mysterious ways. Not typically one to be still in life, I sit for hours when carving clay. It is truly a meditative experience and one that keeps me centered and profoundly connected to spirit.  My designs are intuitive and each piece is one of a kind. Clay is my life - I wake up looking forward to each day - it doesn’t get better than that. I am grateful... L
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